Sunday, November 21, 2004


I found this cool Firefox extension the other day. (btw if you aren't using Firefox yet shame on you!). The plugin is called SwitchProxy ( Its a boon for people whose company has multiple firewalls. Back when IE ruled I had always felt the need for such a thing because I was having to go into IE settings and change the proxy server settings very often. SwitchProxy lets you change your proxy server with a mouse click....just check it out yourself. The other extensions I use are "Dictionary Search" (, "Copy Plain Text" (, and IE View (

While on the subject of Firefox extensions, I don't understand why the plugin developers fail to update their xpi files to keep abreast of the Firefox releases. Its a major gripe that people have with the plugin developers. After some digging I found that it isn't hard at all to make an older version of the plugin work with a new(er) release of Firefox. Its a two minute job in most of the cases. All I had to do was to open the .xpi file with Winzip (yeah it is just a zip file!), extract the install.rdf file out of it, open the .rdf file in a text editor and change the em:maxversion element to 1.00 or whatever your release of Firefox is.

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